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Professional Solar Power Installers

Try us and love us. We've customized our solar power packages to give you quality services at the best price! We have consultants from Philippines, Japan and Germany ready to assist you!

Reliable Solar Farm Developer Assistance

Trained, in-house experts are here to help you with your large-scale solar power requirements. We have the expertise, reputation and network to make your plans a reality.

Affordable Trojan Batteries

We offer the most affordable prices for top quality products online! With Lodestar, you can be sure your products are original and reliable and comes with dedicated after sales services!

Expert Sluice Gate Fabrication

Lodestar IS THE ONLY trusted sluice gate/stop lug/desander/trash rack fabricator in the Philippines. Our products are trusted by the biggest contractors and hydroplants in the country!

30 Years Of Trusted Expertise. Lodestar Is Registered With…


Need an expert for your renewable energy requirements?

Recent Products

  • Flowserve Limitorque introduced the MX electronic actuator in 1997 as the first smart actuator that provided uncompromised reliability and performance in a design that was easy to use.
  • The MX innovations which were market firsts – unique absolute encoder that doesn’t require battery back-up – Limigard™ technology – easy to use menus in six languages – the use of Hall effect devices to eliminate potentially troublesome reed switches – have been improved.
  • The features Users have come to expect from Flowserve Limitorque are still standard, but the list of improvements and optional equipment permits improved reliability, functional performance and durability.
  • The MX is the smart actuator design that is rigorous and easy to use. It is the only non-intrusive, double-sealed electronic actuator to display the Limitorque brand.


Download Limitorque L120 Brochure
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  • The HBC manual operator has an alloy steel worm shaft and a bronze worm gear. Buried and submersible operators are equipped with non-corrosive input shafts.
  • On all operators, except for buried service, a valve position pointer is provided as a standard feature. Handwheels are optional and can be furnished in various sizes.
  • All operator sizes can be supplied with factory-mounted Limitorque electric valve actuators or can be readily converted to motor operation in the field using Limitorque electric actuators.
  • The speed of operation for butterfly, plug, or ball valves when motor-operated can be varied over a broad range, limited only by motor speed and available gear ratios.
  • All HBCs are built to meet AWWA requirements. AWWA input limit stops are available for non-motorized applications.


Download HBC Brochure
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