We’re always looking for partners to help spread the wonderful benefits of solar power!

What are the benefits?

  • No quota
  • No investment
  • No risks
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Get wholesale prices
  • Get discounts
  • Get commissions
  • Get access to Lodestar’s dealership tools
  • Receive expert technical support
  • Installation services & materials done by Lodestar under your name
  • Access to Lodestar’s dealership tools
  • Individuals – whether you’re employed or freelance, you can avail of our dealership and receive a commission. DTI or SEC registrations not needed!
  • Companies – companies will get wholesale prices and can add their own margin. Lodestar can also install the equipment under your company name.

Lodestar offers products and services for solar power and industrial applications. As a partner, you may offer Lodestar’s solar power equipment, installation services, maintenance, repairs, etc. You may offer this either for residential, commercial, or solar farm applications.

For partnership in industrial equipment and services like valves, actuators, fabrication or calibrations, kindly fill up the form below and write us a message saying you’d like to offer industrial equipment and services.

We don’t have quotas on our partners. We also don’t ask for forecasts.

We do ask our partners to sign a memorandum of understanding for the simple reason that Lodestar will be investing in your knowledge by training you and providing you with expert technical support.

Responsibilities can also differ per type of dealership:

  • Referrers – when you refer a project to Lodestar and we are able to close that project, you will get a commission from Lodestar as a token of gratitude. In this set-up, the referrer will only introduce the customer to Lodestar and we will be in-charge of coordinating and closing the deal from then on.
  • Freelance Agents – for individuals with solar projects who want a better commission, you can be Lodestar’s account manager for your client’s project. Your responsibilities will include preparing the documents and coordinating between client & Lodestar until the deal is closed. Lodestar will take care of the supply, installation, training and maintenance by then.
  • Companies – if you’d like to set up your own company with minimum capital, Lodestar can perform the supply, installation and technical support while you or your company will be in-charge of coordinating and closing the deal. Basically, Lodestar will only talk to you and not your client.
  • Individuals
    • Filled out application form
    • TIN
    • Personal appearance
    • Signed memorandum of understanding
  • Companies

Email us at mortega@lodestar.ph and submit all appropriate requirements stated above. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days so constantly check your emails.