DOE Aims to Regulate Solar Installations in Philippines

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With the influx of solar power technology, the Department of Energy sees it proper to put up standards for the solar installations in the Philippines.

Unqualified Service Providers for Solar Installations is Common

DOE’s Renewable Energy Management Bureau director, Mario Marasigan, states that many solar installations were not correctly performed resulting in failed operations.

“The problem is not unique to the Philippines… but even globally since regulation is not yet in place,” Marasigan said.

The topic of solar installations were tackled in the recent Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation – Expert Group 44th Meeting (APEC-EGNRET) held in Laoag City where APEC member country representatives from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, US, Chinese Taipei and Philippines attended.

Andre Susano of Castlerock Asia states that many countries lack workmanship and safety regulations for solar installations which have caused unsafe and failed solar installations, system underperformance, frequent system repairs and unnecessary expenses for the customers.

Training Requirement for Upcoming Solar Installation Service Providers

A national program with a certification standard to produce highly capable and well prepared industry professionals for solar installations were presented.

According to Marasigan, the Philippines started solar installations in private academic institutions resulting in power bill savings for schools. The director further notes that he sees the need for individual households to generate solar power.


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