Lodestar Philippines Offers Yingli Solar Panels

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Lodestar Technical Enterprise has finally introduced it’s first brand of solar panels for the Philippine market. After much talks with representatives, Lodestar has received the green light to represent YINGLI GREEN ENERGY’s line of high quality but affordable solar panels.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Ltd. (established in 1998) is a solar products manufacturer from China which has received international quality certifications from UL, IEC, ISO and TUV Rheinland. Additionally, due to Yingli’s heavy investments in research, development and safety, the company received numerous awards for its solar panels’ reliability, high energy yields, sustainability and performance. As a result of the company’s growing prestige, Yingli has maintained its position as one of the top 3 manufacturers of solar panels worldwide. Yingli has also been classified as a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer – a grade that only 2% of existing solar panel companies worldwide have passed.

Furthermore, Yingli has more than 30 offices worldwide and over 19,000 employees. The solar power giant has also supplied over 40 million solar panels in over 50 countries including Japan, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, South Korea, US, etc. After much expansion, Yingli completed its IPO and became listed in the New York Stock exchange in 2007 – an assurance that Yingli will still be around to honor the 20 year performance warranties for their solar panels.

Despite the company’s achievements, Yingli has remained affordable due of the company’s efficient management and full control of production process. Yingli’s solar panels have an estimated 2% difference in price compared to its unbranded counterparts but have all the safety and reliability that high priced solar panels offer.

Lodestar’s experience in performing the most difficult of engineering projects combined with Yingli’s top notch solar panels makes for an excellent partnership. Having more than 20 employees, safety officers, engineering consultants and extensive experience, Lodestar is more than capable for handling the marketing, education of customers, installations and after sales support for Yingli’s products.



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Images from: Yingli, Sean Gallagher Visuals

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