Lodestar Taps Into Solar Power for Philippine Market

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Lodestar Engineering president and manager, Mr. Gregorio Ortega asserts that “in the end, the world would have no choice but to venture into renewable energy” because of unavoidable circumstances – depleting resources, rise in oil, climate change, etc.

Germany as a Role Model

Today, more and more countries are opening up to the possibilities and benefits of renewable power sources particularly solar power. Looking into Germany’s success of having 1.4 million solar system installations and contributing 32.2 TERAwatt-hours (which is bigger than what hundreds of fossil fuel power plants can produce), many counties including the Philippines is aiming to follow the European country’s lead.

Philippines Embraces Solar Power

In the Philippines, leading distribution utility for electricity, MERALCO, is entering into agreements with consumers who generate their own electricity using solar power installations as mandated by the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 (Republic Act No. 9513).

Since the enactment of the law and encouragement of MERALCO, more and more consumers have engaged in powering their homes using solar power and cutting their bills significantly.

Is Solar Energy Worth It?

While many consumers are still hesitant to try out new technologies like solar produced electricity, many find it a practical investment. Solar system installations are designed to last 20 years and usually cost hundreds of pesos depending on the size of the system but can cut bills enough to return investment in 4-8 years leaving consumers with 12-14 years of powerful savings on top of security, independence & noiseless power backup.

Lodestar Supplying Solar Needs

Lodestar Engineering Supply Corporation, has been in the business of installing electromechanical equipment and systems as well as maintenance, repair and fabrication of heavy steel requirements for more than 25 years. The company has more than 20 employees and a lineup of engineering consultants. Because of the company’s capabilities and the opportunity to tap into a different market in the same industry, decision makers of the company have decided to diversify into the local solar industry. Lodestar has been able to talk with top brands for solar panels, batteries, inverters, etc. and has been granted representation and support.

Lodestar will be announcing more about their new line up of products in the upcoming weeks.



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