Pag-IBIG Offers Solar Financing

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Steep Initial Investment for Solar Power Products

While solar power is increasingly embraced by the Philippine market, its high upfront cost prevents many homeowners to avail of the technology.

As a company offering solar power product and services in Philippines, we receive numerous calls and inquiries about the infamous technology.Since solar power products have influxed the market, many consumers have tried sourcing from unbranded providers (like Raon or Divisoria) making even the most simple Filipino citizen benefit from the sun’s power. However, these unknown products – although cheap, usually do not have the quality and durability that is standard with solar panel manufacturers.

Good, reliable quality of solar power products do not come cheap. This is because the more securities and improvements the product undergoes, the costlier it’ll get. Because of the boom in solar power technology, however, the prices of solar power products have begun to decrease rapidly. For now, anyone who would like to benefit from the sun’s unlimited potential must prepare a pretty steep investment first – hence, the need for solar financing.

Pag-IBIG Helps its Members with Solar Financing Loan

In response to citizen’s funding issues, the Home Development Mutual Fund otherwise known as Pag-IBIG has arranged solar financing that allow their members to the purchase and install solar s financed through the Home Improvement Loan.

In a press briefing, Imperial Homes Corporation (IHC) mentions that they have been working closely with Pag-IBIG to launch the first solar-powered mass housing community.

The project is planned to have 500-watt solar panels installed in each of the 1000 low-cost housing units in Santo Tomas, Batangas with an upcoming additional 20 units.

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