Solar power packages are designed to give customers an easier time in choosing the right solar power system. Our solar power packages have been designed and bundled to be the most affordable or best in quality. All our packages come with the Lodestar promise of guaranteed savings and expert support.

Lodestar offers two options for solar packages in the Philippines market. Our Budget packages are composed of original solar power equipment at an affordable price. While all the equipment in our budget packages come from China, we’ve made sure to check their performance and durability.

On the other hand, our Premium Solar Power Packages originate from Germany, Italy, France, Japan and USA. These packages are composed of the best quality solar power equipment money can buy. The solar power equipment offered in our premium packages have unquestionable performance, reputation and quality – they will definitely last.

You can also avail of our solar power packages at affordable monthly installments!

1.5KW Grid Tied Budget Solar Package
1.5KW Grid Tied Budget Solar Package
  • SAVE Money*
  • FREE Delivery*
  • EASY Processing
  • EXPERT Support
  • QUICK Payback
  • GUARANTEED Original
  • AFFORDABLE financed option for ₱3000 / month for 36 months!
* Installation sold separately * Terms and conditions apply  
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