Budget solar power packages are perfect for people with little to no knowledge in solar power. These affordable solar packages give customers more freedom to try out the technology and receive faster payback from their investment.

All components used in budget solar power packages originate from China. However, this does not mean they are unreliable. Major electrical components of the packages are still covered with their warranties. Additionally, Lodestar has taken the time to handpick each equipment used in these packages so customers can have the ease of mind when choosing any of the budget packages below.

All equipment in our affordable solar packages are:


1.5KW Grid Tied Budget Solar Package
1.5KW Grid Tied Budget Solar Package
  • SAVE Money*
  • FREE Delivery*
  • EASY Processing
  • EXPERT Support
  • QUICK Payback
  • GUARANTEED Original
  • AFFORDABLE financed option for ₱3000 / month for 36 months!
* Installation sold separately * Terms and conditions apply  
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