Harness the Power of the Sun

Don't let open roof space or unused land go to waste. Lodestar has more than 20 employees, safety officers, a group of mechanical, structural and electrical engineer consultants, top solar product brands and 28 years of experience under our belts, Lodestar Engineering is definitely the smart choice for bringing solar power to your business or home!

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Solar Panels / PV Modules

Solar panels are a lineup of photovoltaic cells made of specially treated silicon crystals that react to light and generate electricity. At Lodestar, we offer a diverse line of polycrystalline & monocrystalline panels from two reputable international manufacturers: Kyocera & Yingli for the customer who wants security and reliability. We also offer other brands of modules for the customer who wants low cost. See more »

Solar Inverters

Solar Panels produce DC electricity. It is the inverter's job to convert DC into AC electricity so most appliances can use it. Solar inverters are the most critical part of the solar system because all the power goes through it. If the inverter goes down, the whole system goes down. Lodestar is proud to have industry leader SMA as part of its line up of products. SMA inverters currently hold the largest share of the market in the whole world. See More »

Solar Accessories & Mounting Equipment

Railings, mountings, cables & wires to complete your solar installation. If what you ned is not in the market, Lodestar can fabricate it for you. Lodestar has been fabricating steel gates for waterworks and civil works according to international standards. We have certified, quality tested and licensed welders to create high quality railings and mounting equipments that can withstand rusting and outlast common storms.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers regulate the voltage of the electricity produced by the panels before it goes to the battery. MPPT controllers adjusts input voltage to harvest the maximum power from the solar array while PWM controllers pulls down the voltage to near that of the battery.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries store power generated from solar panels. Solar batteries are called deep cycle batteries and are different from car batteries since they are designed to last numerous extensive use. Lodestar offers the internationally best-selling battery brand, Trojan, UPG and Motolite plus two affordable battery brands for our solar needs. See More »

Solar Kits

Hassle-free and convenient, get your solar installation pre-packaged with our own brand of Solar Kits and packages from Yingli. See More »