1.5KW Solar Protection Kit

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  • Switches
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Other protective devices for your solar power system


Most of the modern solar power systems have a number of safety features integrated. While solar inverters alone have safety features constructed into them to protect your solar power equipment from too much voltage, adding cut off switches and breakers will add the minimum required safety measure to protect your inverter.


Do I really need additional solar protection?

It isn’t standard to have fuses or breakers back when solar power was a young technology. As it is, there’s already a small chance of fire even if back feed happens. The glass, aluminum, silicon and other components should be durable enough to withstand combustion – that is, if you get your equipment from a reliable provider.

The difference between using additional safety switches and breakers is pretty cheap and the amount could easily be justified by the sound sleep and assurance that they provide.

Where do I put these protections?

Common protection measures include adding fuses or breakers between panels and the controller. Additional solar protection on the array as a whole is not necessary electrically but may be needed to meet local inspection or a breaker can be used as a convenient array disconnect.

It is also advisable to add protection between the battery and the charge controller. If possible, it’s best to add protection from the battery to every load including the inverter as well.

How do I know what size of solar protections I need?

We normally recommend reading up on the NEC or having your system professionally designed for this matter.

Here are just some items you may want to consider in sizing the right switches and breakers:

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery Fuse/Breaker to Inverter
  • Charge controller to Battery Fuse/Breaker
  • Parallel/Combiner Box

If you want Lodestar to professionally design/size your equipment’s electrical protection, feel free to contact us at sales@lodestar.ph. We also have affordable solar power packages and test kits.


Lodestar Philippines is a service and trading company with more than 30 years of experience in electro-mechanical products and services. Recently diversifying into the Philippine renewable power industry, the company has added solar products, solar power system installations, solar panel kits, etc. and offers these for both homes and businesses in the Philippines.

Lodestar has a dynamic and technically knowledgeable team to support its products and perform after sales services. Furthermore, the company is accredited and able to work with prestigious companies such as Petron, Team Sual, Aboitiz, KEPCO, EDC, Manila Water, Maynilad and more.

To know more facts and information about solar power, its benefits, the process of a solar power system installation, available solar panel kits, individual solar panels, solar inverters, solar charge controllers, solar batteries and more, feel free to browse our resource section containing glossaries, faqs and articles. You may also contact our sales department for any questions and concerns.

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