UPG’s sealed lead acid batteries are deep cycle batteries with advanced glass mat technology (AGM). Unlike car batteries which exert a high amount of power at a short time, UPG’s Solar AGM Batteries are made for long but lower powered discharges. The advanced glass mat technology also provides durability for a longer period of time as compared to car batteries which have thinner plates that do not last.

UPG’s Solar AGM Batteries are highly efficient deep cycle batteries with a 100% amperage charge and discharge. Hence, they are explosion proof, leak / spill proof, impact-resistant and low maintenance.

UPG Solar AGM Battery Specification

Brand: Universal Power Group
Origin: USA
Type: Sealed Lead Acid Advanced Glass Mat (AGM)
Voltage: 6V
Capacity: 200AH (20 Hrs.)
Dimensions: 12.05 x 6.61 x 8.95 in
Weight: 60.62 lbs
Used In: Security, Medical Mobility, OEM, Solar, Emergency Lighting, Uninterrupted Power Systems, Electric Gates, Portable Medical Devices, Etc.

About UPG

Universal Power Group was founded in 1998 as a provider of computer components and has evolved to
offer battery power solutions. Their batteries are ideal for grid-connected systems and are an excellent state-of-
the-art lead-acid battery that requires no maintenance.

About Lodestar

Lodestar Engineering Philippines is a service and trading company with more than 29 years of experience in electromechanical products and services. Recently diversifying into the Philippine solar power industry, the company has added individual solar products, solar power system installations, solar panel kits, etc. in its lineup of products and offers it for both homes and businesses in the Philippines. Lodestar has a dynamic and technically knowledgeable team to support its products and perform after sales services. Furthermore, the company is accredited and able to work with prestigious companies such as Petron, Team Sual, DMCI, KEPCO, EDC, Manila Water, Maynilad, Aboitiz and more.
To know more facts and information about solar power, its benefits, the process of a solar power system installation, available solar panel kits, individual solar panels, solar inverters, solar charge controllers, solar batteries and more, feel free to browse our resource section containing glossaries, faqs and articles. You may also contact our sales department for any questions and concerns.


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