Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries At Cheap Prices!

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USA’s top energy storage solution, Trojan deep cycle batteries are now available in the Philippines!

Homeowners, environmentalists and green companies rejoice! You can now enjoy the benefits of USA’s #1 deep-cycle battery. Lodestar Engineering now carries Trojan deep cycle batteries from California at affordable prices! Trojan deep cycle batteries are the top choice for smart homeowners because of its reliability, high quality and big ampere hour storage.

Car Batteries VS Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries differ from car batteries which deliver high amperage over a short amount of time. Deep cycle batteries, on the other hand, give short bursts of energy over a longer period of time. Hence, deep cycle batteries are used for solar power applications. Using the wrong type of battery can not only be dangerous to your whole solar power system, you would just be wasting your money.

Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries: Top Choice For the Smart Environmentalist

Many users of Trojan deep cycle batteries happily give the batteries a 4 out of 5 star rating. Most reviews praising the products for its reliability at an affordable price. Some users even going so far as to say it has the best support and warranty. Such claims are not surprising since Trojan Batteries has been manufacturing deep cycle batteries for (would you believe it?) 84 years and counting. In that time, they have managed to T2 technology which makes Trojan deep cycle batteries more effective and sustainable than other batteries. Trojan deep-cycle batteries also use C2 Technology which amplifies the effectiveness of the batteries from shell to plates. Last but not the least, Trojan deep cycle batteries also use Smart Carbon Technology which lengthens the life of your Trojan deep cycle batteries. No doubt, Trojan Batteries have perfected the art of producing the best quality deep cycle batteries known to man.

Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries: Quality You Can Rely On

In the end, there’s no denying that Chinese products have proliferated in the solar power market. While there are some which deliver, most of the batteries that populate the market are unfamiliar and unreliable. So for clean energy enthusiasts who prefer to be safe, there’s Trojan Deep Cycle batteries for solar power installations. Available through Lodestar Engineering!


Trojan Battery Company is a family-owned business established in Santa Fe, California in 1952. Their specialty is manufacture of advanced lead acid deep cycle batteries. Trojan batteries provide clean, reliable energy storage for use in home, industrial and other power applications. Widely used for golf carts, Trojan Batteries are now very popular for renewable energy use (solar, wind, micro-hydro).

Trojan Battery’s manufacturing facilities in California and Georgia are ISO 9001:2000 certifiedCurrently. The company boasts of its large and extensive bi-coastal research & development centers dedicated to battery technology in North America.


Lodestar Engineering Philippines is a service and trading company with more than 29 years of experience in electromechanical products and services. Recently diversifying into the Philippine solar power industry, the company has added individual solar products, solar power system installations, solar panel kits, etc. in its lineup of products and offers it for both homes and businesses in the Philippines. Lodestar has a dynamic and technically knowledgeable team to support its products and perform after sales services. Furthermore, the company is accredited and able to work with prestigious companies such as Petron, Team Sual, DMCI, KEPCO, EDC, Manila Water, Maynilad, Aboitiz and more.

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